plural noun: departures

the action of leaving, typically to start a journey.


The past year and a half has been one of many blessings on so many fronts. This latest journey began in the summer of 2015, when by the grace of God I reconnected with a dear friend whom I had not seen for a long time. One day in early summer, Patricia called me out of the blue to hang out at the beach with her, and her sister who was visiting from Brazil. There I came to learn about the struggles that were turning her world upside down. Over the course of the next few months we became a team in a fight to get her back on her feet. We also became determined to reconnect with God, the One who had initially drawn us together as friends when we first met many years prior.

In the previous years I had lost contact with God, my church, my spirituality as well as many of the people and activities that I loved. I had allowed the drudgery of everyday life and the outside world to sweep me up without much regard for others, and myself. Patricia arrived just at the right time with an attitude that filled me with hope, excitement and a sense of purpose.

It was through an online search for a new church that I arrived at AC in early 2016. There I learned about the life group for runners that was just about to begin. I joined without hesitation, and with little knowledge of how much of a blessing this group would become in my life. Running has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid. Initially an activity to keep in shape, it became a haven where I could consolidate my thoughts, clear my mind and expend built up energy. Through this love of running I have met this special group of people whom I now care so much about. Because of these individuals I have a newfound passion for fellowship, spiritual life and above all, God. I have also located the old me, the one who loves to run, play guitar, hike, travel, try awesome foods, and butcher the French language. (I thought I was a huge Francophile till I met Ashley!) In addition, I also found the old me that likes to share life, and be there for those I love.

When my awesome running partner-in-crime, Ashley approached me to join in the launch of this blog, I didn’t know exactly where to begin. What is there to talk about? The truth is that the departure from a past life in the summer of 2015 has allowed me to learn so much about life and about myself. It’s easy to dwell in the past and recount life experiences because of all that one learns through struggle. Yet as I write, I also feel a sense of excitement for what’s in store not only for me, but also for the great people of this life group that I now call family. It’s this excitement and passion for life that I hope to share through this platform in the days to come.

Are you starting a new journey this year? Care to share some comments with us? Add your thoughts below!


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